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ANE Repair Dubai

ANE Repair is very reliable service point for all home appliances electronic and electrical equipment. Our Mission is to create encore experience that customers can’t wait to share it with other community members. Our team affordability to a wide verity of appliance like fridge, Dishwasher, Gas Cooker, Washing Machine, LG Washing Machine, SAMSUNG Washing Machine, Home Appliance, Dry Machine, Electronics repair etc. ANE Repair and Technical Services has very knowledgeable and experienced technicians who will go through the root cause of the problem and find out their solution as soon as possible.

At ANE Repair we only use genuine spare parts available from its original manufacturer. With our market positioning, we are generally able to provide service faster than most other company, with ANE Repair , we provide free pickup and delivery. We can repair every appliance of any brand. We offer a 30 days guarantee on all work. If any repair is needed once again on the same parts within the guarantee period your repair requires no cost.

ANE Repair and Technical Services are present all over in Dubai ensuring that we are close to you no matter where you’re present in Dubai. Our team is so quick and fast to find you.